Special Periods and Seasons

On Garda Veneto your vacation is special at any time of the year

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A stay on Lake Garda is always a special experience, but at certain times of the year it can be even more special.

Lago di Garda Veneto is an incredible place all year round, but every season has its own traditional rites, with celebrations, festivals and events in all the towns in the area.

At Christmas time, the atmosphere is magical because of the snow that covers Monte Baldo. The area around Lake Garda offers several opportunities: skiing, snowshoeing in the mountains, visiting Christmas markets or tasting local specialties such as Nadalin, an 8-pointed star-shaped cake which can be considered as the ancestor of the more famous Pandoro.  

New Year’s Eve is also magical on Lake Garda, with its fireworks lighting up the lake with a thousand colours and many exclusive package tours that include accommodation and, of course, New Year’s Eve dinner! 

Carnival is also a major celebration with many events in the entire area: masks, costumes, carnival floats and lots of fun; moreover, Verona and Venice, which are known all over the world for carnival celebrations, are not far from Lake Garda!

At Easter, you can discover our traditions and admire, for example, the extraordinary Via Crucis Vivente di Castelletto di Brenzone sul Garda, with more than one hundred extras re-enacting the Passion of Jesus Christ to offer a really touching and evocative representation.

And you can’t miss the brassadèle, small donuts made of sweet bread, typical of this period.

Spring is the season of flowers, and here the landscape is amazing in this period: vines and olive trees are pruned, and large parks and attractions reopen their doors to the public.

Summer is not just harvest season, it’s also when Ferragosto is celebrated (August 15th), followed by the grape harvest and autumn, when wine festivals take place in many towns in the area.

Spring Season in Lake Garda


Spring is the perfect season for those who love clear sunny days, crisp in the morning and gradually warmer.

Summer Season in Lake Garda


Summer needs no introduction, as it stands as the season par excellence


Mild climate, pleasant days and the blue colors of the lake with the red and yellow of the trees

Winter Season in Lake Garda - Beautiful View


Winter on Lake Garda is never harsh, and you can discover the many activities it offers

Christmas and New Year Eve

Christmas and New Year Eve

Each town on the lake and its hinterland experiences Christmas in various ways.

Easter Eggs


Easter: what better time to enjoy nature at the moment of its awakening and its maximum splendor?

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